I was born in Baltimore, Maryland. My childhood home was an eclectic mix of languages, religions, customs, music, and art.  Visits to museums, galleries, concerts, exhibitions, and travel were common fare. I found opportunity around every hiking trail with my father, gardening and reading with my mother, the peaceful calm of the mountain grandeur, and the ferocity of the seashore. The diversity and perspective I gained through time, experience, and opportunity have inspired me to pursue a life of creating art.

When I first heard the guitar solo in Pink Floyd’s, “Time”, I immediately had to learn to play, and thus began my music interests.  Ultimately I would excel at guitar and later attend Berklee College of Music where ironically in my spare time, I tought myself how to make photographs.

 I often found myself walking the streets of Boston with a camera in my hand…I never really participated in the college parties and social gatherings. The energy of Boston captivated me and I preferred to wander aimlessly, meet amazing people, and shot as much as I could.


My intellectual curiosity is vast. Nature and artifice, antiquity and modernity, harmony and juxtaposition, are equally inspired by my love of nature and my love of the street.

I have recently relocated to San Francisco to pursue a mission to make art and creative expression more accessible to the everyday aspiring individual utilizing technologic innovations as a tool.